About PT. Biggy Cemerlang

Since 1992, P.T. Biggy Cemerlang has operated as a preferred plastic manufacturer across Indonesia. We are also a leading name in the globally competitive Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG). With close to three decades of experience, we are committed to staying on-the-pulse of evolving technologies to keep our valued clients moving forward with high-quality, 100% pure virgin materials that are safe for human use. Our facilities are strategically located in the heart of Jakarta, with convenient access to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Tanjung Priok via the highway that connects the Jakarta Metropolitan Areas. We are committed to delivering products that bring the most advantages for our clients, making a positive impact in the communities around us.

About PT. Biggy Cemerlang
We are the pioneer in promotion, supported by the latest In-Mold-Labeling (IML technology).

At Biggy Cemerlang, we take pride in investing a great amount of time, energy, and finances into the latest state-of-the-art facilities, inspired by the most sophisticated Japanese injection technology and blow-molding, CAD/CAM systems, and beyond. 

We produce a wide range of plastic products including clothing hangers, water bottles, lunch boxes, and more. While we have standard products available for purchase, we also offer customization. You’re guaranteed the best quote and quality.

We aim to strengthen our clients' brands and to make their voices heard by creating packagings that reflect their brand/campaign. Most of our projects run anywhere between 1-6 months depending on the project’s intricacy and order quantity. Our minimum order quantity is 100,000 pcs, but most of our larger orders feature around 1-2 million pcs. Plastic manufacturing aside, we also provide our clients with elegant print deco options which facilitate automatic color printing through silk-screen printing, hot stamping, transfer printing, and spray printing techniques. There’s a reason our clients are for life. As a business built on trust, we go the extra mile in pursuit of excellence. As your strategic partner, we're here to build meaningful relationships with you and your team. We would be honored to fulfil your packaging and promotional needs, now and in the future. Most of our clients feel confident in letting us take the lead.

While being a strategic partner is hard work, it's a challenge we gladly accept. Our team looks forward to hearing more about your brand and/or campaign soon.

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Our Vision

To be Indonesia's plastic product manufacturing company of choice. Acknowledged and trusted through innovation, flawless management, and unquestionable competence.

Our Mission

To produce innovative new ideas for high-quality plastic products while increasing efficiency and productivity across the broad business process spectrum.

Our Expertise

For close to three decades, we have been serving a growing network of national and multi-national companies. As one of Indonesia's largest premium plastic product manufacturers, there are various reasons why we're a preferred name in plastic production.


We find the most satisfaction is growing alongside our clients, making a lasting, positive impact on their businesses.

Diligent Team

Our top team works together to be the trusted strategic partner for all of your packaging and promotional needs.

State-of-the-Art Factory

By eliminating the middleman, we can ensure the lowest possible prices and the highest possible quality for our valued customers.


We've been making waves in our industry for close to 30 years, investing all of our time, energy, and finances into delivering service that gets better and better.

Rapid Response

Modifications? Let us know, and we guarantee quick response and rapid rectification.

100% Fully In-House Streamlined Process

We adhere to a flawlessly streamlined in-house process to ensure your project moves from initiation to execution to completion with precision, promptness, and accuracy.

100% Certified BPA-Free Materials

To fuel our commitment to health and safety standards, we utilize only 100% BPA-free plastic for your peace of mind.

In-Mold Labeling (IML) Ready

We have a comprehensive infrastructure behind-the-scenes to ensure rapid mold creation, manufacturing, assembly, decoration, and repair where needed.


We guarantee the highest possible output in the shortest possible amount of time. Biggy has some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.


Biggy is 100% CDEC, ISO, and SGS certified. Annual audits ensure that you can partner with us with confidence and clarity.

Sophisticated Japanese Electric Machinery

We utilize the #1 high-speed, non-hydraulic, stable, electrical Japanese FANUC machines to ensure cost-savings and maintain our deadline-oriented approach.

Great Campaign Ideas

Our years of experience mean we know a thing or two about conceptualization. Our team will work with your team to conceive concepts that reflect your mission and vision.

Why Promote Your Products With Plastic Merchandise?

While many companies choose traditional advertising methods like print ads, billboards, online ads, and more, these only take away from your budget. Plastic merchandise is a true investment. Containers, lunchboxes, and drinking bottles resonate with your end customers, and we deeply customize each product to increase brand awareness which goes beyond the product. It’s a cost- effective way to make your voice heard. Also, other materials like glass or stainless steel can be expensive. Plastic is the smarter choice!

Why Promote Your Products With Plastic Merchandise?

Collaborate with us to boost your sales, increasing purchases from your loyal customers.


Make your name known every time your current and future customers see our canisters and containers with your brand, clever branding tactics that sticks with your customers.


Plastic is still King when it comes to providing range of finishes and possibilities. Groundbreaking IML technology guarantees our highest defintion labels yet.


Our design experience, over and above our houseware division, means we know how to laser-target your audience and get your message across - loud and clear.


We believe we provide the optimal solution for your customer’s storage needs, made to be used multiple times, saying NO to single- use plastic.

Premium feel
Premium feel

Give your customers the best! Something they would be confident keeping in their home.